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  1. Hi Kevin All done. Once again, many thanks indeed. I see that you are a member of Unite Against Malware, but I am curious...how do you get the Trusted Advisor accreditation from Malwarebytes? And do they okay you to post thd Paypal link? I'm quite happy to make a contribution there as I really appreciate the advice you have given me. Des
  2. Hi Kevin OK, I ran FRST64, and at the end it asked me to restart the computer so I did. I attach Fixlog.txt I ran Zemana, and rebooted afterward as it asked me to. I attach the log Zemana 2016.08.10 ...txt I ran AdwCleaner and I attach the log AdwCleaner[C1].txt I ran Sophos. I accidentally closed it before cleaning so I ran it again and you will see both scans in the attached log SophosVirusRemovalTool-2.log. But Sophos said it could clean only 16 of the 17 threats it found, so at Sophos's suggestion I submiited the log via its submit button. Outcome: Youndoo seems to be cleared from all three of the browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and IE, that I use (in that definite order of preference). I didn't check each time but I think it was Zemana that got rid of it. Question: I understand that it isn't wise to be running more than one virus protector at a time. I'm running Win 7 Enterprise because it's our organisation's machine and McAfee is our standard virus scanner that I can't remove. So should I now remove all of Malwarebytes, Rkill, Farbar, Zemana, AdwCleaner and Sophos? I'm of course nor sure which of these are running in the background (MacAfee, MWB and Zemana I think) and which are only run on demand. I already deleted SuperAntiSpyware that I'd tried before my initial posting. Many thanks indeed Des (DJD) Fixlog.txt Zemana 2016.08.10-13.26.58-i0-t92-d8.txt AdwCleaner[C1].txt SophosVirusRemovalTool-2.log
  3. Hi Kevin Thanks for this detailed guide. I attach Rkill.txt, MWB2.txt (MWB didn't find any malware and didn't ask me to restart), FRST.txt, and Addition.txt. I haven't restarted the computer and haven't even checked to see if Youndoo still shows up - I thought I'd wait to hear from you, in case there is more to be done. Cheers Des (DJD) Rkill.txt MWB2.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Yes, that is why I wrote what I wrote. It all came from trying what I found with Google, and I trusted advice on Malwarebytes website more than other sources, but it doesn't work.
  5. I've tried to follow various pieces of advice on removing Youndoo, but (a) I do not see Youndoo.com listed asa programme to uninstall as some fixes suggest (b) Malwarebytes doesn't remove Youndoo for me (c) Following one suggestion (i) I tried Run > Firefox -P to start the profile manager, but it just starts Firefox itself (ii) the alternative, editing the first line of profile.ini, changing the 1 to 0, also made no difference when starting Firefox, it still starts with the Youndoo display and no invitation to choose a profile (and for me there was no additional profile spec beneath profile0 as you suggested there would be !) I'm loathe to download new software that promises to fix this without knowing its reliability, because downloading something or other causes most of these problems in the first place! I have no idea what to try next. I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise version 6.1 (Build 7061: Service Pack 1) and my browsers are: Mozilla Firefox 47.0 Google Chrome Version 53.0.2785.46 beta-m (64-bit) Many thanks Des (DJD)
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