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  1. Thanks for responding. To be frank it was a toss-up whether to upgrade. I thought that I would take the opportunity while it was still free, then back it up for future ref and go back to Win 8.1. In light of its not being a straight forward process I have decided to just give up on that and stick with Win 8.1, which has never caused me any problems. So, all good.
  2. I temporarily uninstalled MBAM because my upgrade from Win 8.1 to win 10 was failing with a prompt that I should disable antivirus software. OK, I figured it unlikely that MBAM was contributing to the problem, but what the hey it seemed no headache to uninstall it if I was only going to re-install it again later, "just in case". So uninstalled MBAM. It didn't solve my problem. Never seriously expected that it would, but no harm trying. Then I re-installed MBAM, and here is where it got interesting: I was not prompted to enter any licence key. Somehow it "remembered" that I was a paid-up user. Now, while that marginally reduced my admin in re-installing it, this does pose the question of whether my earlier uninstall was successful. Any ideas?
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