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  1. At this point, feel free to close this case. I'm pretty sure it was the malvertising.
  2. You may very well be right! That ublock progam is a godsent, btw! You wouldn't believe the unsavory URL's I already see it blocking. The site where this occurs on (a game forum I frequent a lot) has many ads being shown. It probably really *is* that site! It's a legit forum; but, like you say, malvertising could still be taking place on it. I already thank you kindly for your assistence! *Keeping fingers crossed*.
  3. P.S. I forgot to mention this, but when it happens, it's always the far-right open tab that gets its URL changed; nothing in the middle or earlier.
  4. Installed. But I hope we can find a solution too (as in removal of the malware), as blocking the URL's is something Malwarebytes already does as well. P.S. Haven't seen these hijack URL's in 2 days, btw (or Malwarebytes reports of them being blocked). But, then again, I haven't seen Malwarebytes (or Windows Defender, for that matter) report they removed anything, either.
  5. Exactly. They're browser hijacks/redirects of an open tab, that suddenly gets changed to a malware site URL (and, like I said, Malwarebytes blocks these URL's now, but can't find anything fishy on my system).
  6. Yes, the issue still persists. Even though Malwarebytes now identifies and blocks the typical 'youwinner' URL's since a few days, it hasn't been able to find the malware itself, though. These 'youwinner' URL's don't pop up often, btw (mostly when I first start up my system), but even once, is once too many.
  7. I seem to have fallen victim to a browser hijacker, one that opens new tabs to a "Congratulations, You Have Won" page, saying I have possible won an iPhone, etc. I can't get rid of it. Malwarebytes doesn't find it, nor MS Defender, nor adwcleaner. I found a few pages that want you to download a (suspicious) tool called 'Reimage', a page Malwarebytes Premium (the version I have) blocks -- and probably, rightly so. Both IE and Chrome appear to be affected. log.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
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