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  1. Thank you. Changed it from Navy Blue to Light Purple and I can more easily see the icon.
  2. Actually both places. The image is from the active app on the Task Bar. This is part of the Systray.
  3. The icon for version 4 of Malwarebytes is difficult to see on the Task Bar. Is there a way for me to pickup a clearer icon and associate it with the application?
  4. Thank you for responding Devin. Indeed I could click and drag. Didn't think about doing that. No muscle memory from my flip-phone... Thanks again.
  5. I have an Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-532 running Chrome OS version 63. MBAM was running on it just fine. I had to reset the chromebook (wipes out everything) and downloaded MBAM from Google Play again. Can't get it to work now. I get to the second screen, Welcome to Malwarebytes Premium trial, and nothing further happens. Suggestions?
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