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  1. Well, your software is blocking trusted sites that you do not want to unblock and there is no configuration to enable access ! I bought malwarebytes in April (ref 5624740) and now I uninstalled it fully to be able to access sites I need. Please advise me when future versions Malwarebytes will give user the possibility to enable access. I consider that Internet is a space of freedom and your software is currently limiting it. Regards Matthieu
  2. Is there a way to configure Malwarebytes, so that it allows access to addresses I trust ??
  3. Hello, Please find enclosed my highjackthis file. Many sites are blocked while surfing, even www.hijackthis.de !! thanks in advance Matthieu
  4. The issue I have is not that I can not access these IP. The issue is that I can not access trusted site, which are interpreted by DNS with this address. I can not explain why when I open a ping window, pinging www.allmetsat.com (a site with weather) & www.databad.com (a site with badmindton data), I get the same ip resolution, ie ! I think I have a malware which direct me to bad sites. Have you tried to access these sites from your pc. Are they blocked by Malwarebyte on your machine as well ? Regards Matthieu
  5. Hello, Some trusted sites, such as www.allmetsat.com, www.parigourmand.com or www.databad.com , are impossible to access from my home computer. IP address is blocked or Even when malwarebytes is not active, I can not access these sites. Thanks in advance for your help Matthieu mbam_log_2009_09_18__17_31_26_.txt
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