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  1. Given the lack of replies to my questions I went ahead and ran the removal program anyway and re-installed. I am happy to report that World of Warcraft now functions. The reasons for the original problem remain a mystery, I can only cross my fingers and hope it does not occur again.
  2. Further to your message regarding Ip block notification, the error message I got appeared to generated by Blizzard and not my malwarebytes. It gave very little information other than an error window and that I could report it to Blizzard (World of Warcraft), but then after typing in a message and having the box "send" ticked I could find no way of sending them the message, the only option given to me was to "close". Hmmm. I obviously considered the possibility of the problem being with Blizzard and not malwarebytes so checked that world of Warcraft would load from another computer, which it did. I checked on the error message and information on the net implied that an exterior program was likely to be preventing Blizzard from working. This computer is used exclusively for World of Warcraft and related things. The only change made to the computer since Warcraft was last up and running was the malwarebyte update, and with Warcraft working since I have uninstalled the program I think we can be certain that malwarebytes is the culprit. Before I uninstalled the program I did got through the various logs and it did not show up in the history log anything for yesterday or today.
  3. Hello Again, It is difficult to follow the steps above as I have already removed the program using windows uninstall. I was not aware that I could not remove the program by normal means and it maybe that parts of malwarebytes are remaining on my computer out of sight but they are currently not effecting my use of World of Warcraft. I was given a link yesterday after I paid to download the program if it was not already installed. May I re-install the program using that? Or will it effect the possible diagnosis of what is wrong? What else what do you advise? Many thanks for your link for the help ticket by e-mail, but as already stated I have already done so and had no reply yet.
  4. Hello, glad you got the two year issue sorted, It is not possible for me to send you the logs at the moment as previously stated I have had to uninstall your program. As it is highly unlikely that I am the only world of warcraft player effected I am hoping you have a fix that you can advise. Failing that or a quick solution I would like to get my money back as this has all caused me a lot of stress and I am unable to use the product I Paid for.
  5. Further to the above I have now uninstalled malwarebytes and World of Warcraft starts up very nicely. However as I have just paid a 2 year subscription and am now unprotected by malwarebytes it is obviosuly not an acceptable situation. I have put in an e-mail ticket a couple of hours ago. Has anyone any idea what sort of repsonse time I can expect? Or does anyone know a better fix than uninstalling the program alltogether?
  6. Hello, paid for malwarebytes yesterday and had update last night. Now I can not load World of warcraft which is whole reason for that computer! Desperate for some sort of support on this. When I try to start World of Warcraft I get an error message which is connected to some outside program interfering. Oh whatever happenned to the days when you could pick up a phone and talk to someone? :-(
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