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  1. this is the zip from the computer portecting scary things. I've been running the unhide program on this one for 2 hours, nothing so far. all rkill did was kill google music. mbae worse.zip
  2. I ran that calculator test, and when I hit exploit, two computers both jumped to their feet waving red flags. The computer running premium is protecting programs like suddenly firefox.exe and opera.exe, neither of which are on my computer. It is also protecting programs like Maxthon, seamonkey, icedragon, cyberfox, tor browser 3x and 2x, palemoon, and on and on. These programs have names like firefoxportable.exe, palemoon.exe, palemoon-portable.exe, dragon.exe, wileyfox.exe, many so called javat programs and foxit programs and on and on and on. both my premium malwarebytes programs are oblivious to issues, they don't seem to care that the automated scheduling disappears daily, that they never even have logs when I manually run the program, etc. Actually, the malwarebytes on this computer, one that doesn't have all that crap its protecting now stopped working at all. Wjat do I do? mbae.zip
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