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  1. After update from to, I have serious problems, most of my major applications such as Acrobat Adobe, Windows Office software and Browser such as Firefox, all refused to launch. I have since uninstall the Malwarebyte, the above problems gone away. May I have back the installer for Thanks!
  2. Hello All! Will the beta testing software for anti-ransomware work for Windows XP SP3? I have Malwarebyte Premium 3.0.6 running on my machine with XP SP3 OS Many thanks!
  3. Hello Sirs, Thank for the reply, What is a FP? This block happened while I was using Adobe Acrobat reading a pdf file and shut down the Adobe Acrobat. It alway happened whenever I am using Adobe Arobat. Regards HJH
  4. Hello Sirs, Wonderful explanation! I am now very clear! Thank you very much! Regards HJH
  5. Hello Sirs, My Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit has been block Adobelm_Cleanup.001. Is this the right object to be block?
  6. Hello Sirs, Sorry for one more question! Is there a user manul or equivalent for Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premum which can explain all the terms used and symbols used by the software in particular in the log. Thanks! Regards HJH
  7. Hello Sirs, Can you explain what is the significance of Layer 0? How many layers are there and what is layer related to MBAE? Thanks! Regards HJH
  8. Hello Sirs! Thanks! Why need all three techniques? One is not good enough? Regards HJH
  9. Hello Sirs, Are you able to explain in some details (meaning, purpose and benefits etc) for the following terms: DEP Bottom Up ASLR Anit-Heep Spraying Thanks! Regards HJH
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