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  1. Thanks swiped Dilly Dilly. Send that coder to the pit of disrepair for the weekend please!
  2. Hey maybe we should sue the people who make malware in stead of the people who have been protecting us from it. It should be easy no EULA.
  3. Just switched back to Spybot - Search and Destroy (Not really)
  4. I also have the problem the bummer is I was cleaning a laptop up. I just rebooted stopped the MBAM Service, then Ended the tree for MBAMService in Task manager I will be waiting for a patch like the rest of you. Oh and I called President Tump he asked where to send the bombers? I call 911 and the police actually will come to....... arrest you!
  5. noticed that is-cp52e.exe is in my start up what is it? HKLM:RunOnce InnoSetupRegFile.0000000001 Malwarebytes Corporation "C:\WINDOWS\is-CP52E.exe" /REG /REGSVRMODE
  6. No got sep from Army I manage locally. keep getting Vid driver crashes too I hope Win10 fixes most of my problems! but i bet that is wishfull thingking since I have been a windows user for 20 some years!!! LOL
  7. 3 month old fresh install of Vista 32 on 3gb core 2 Duo Asus P5QL Epu 4 GB ram Standard account (not admin) Running Symantic endpoint and malwarebytes pro I noticed the problem 2 days ago 105 instances of mbam.exe in task manager may be related thunderbird Lighning running nearly unsusabley slow Log out log in does nothing still there Reboot starts with 2 then keeps multipling just did this mbam-clean Reboot reinstall seems to have fixed it for now
  8. Looks like the only answer is complete re- install thank gotd for backup's

  9. Ron, Sill running slow but useable Mcafee is a resource pig IMO. What do you think about switching back to MS security essentials I would of course leave malwarebytes on either way Scans came up negative both mcafee and malware bytes I don't know maybe I am just paranoid? Other than the proxy and some adware stuff does not seem like we really found anything that would account for the behavior I was seeing Like I said no symptoms since my first post. It might be time to just buy a ssd and start over with a fresh install the hdd is old and almost full has about 30 gig free . Thank you for your h
  10. McAffe is finding artimis! in combo fix BackDoor-FJW in my AppData Roaming OLD thunderbird profile Running a full scan with McAfee and Malwarebytes
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