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  1. My apologies! I should have updated or removed this thread, as I was able to navigate to the unwanted registry key from the administrator account and delete it directly there. Since then, MalwareBytes hasn't found any malware on the system! I apologize for wasting your time! Thanks so much for your willingness to assist me in this issue, Johnathan
  2. Hello forums, I am a trial user of Malware Bytes Anti-Malware battling a handful of unwanted programs. A few years ago, my computer was the victim of a browser hijack and trojan from a company called "Sweetpacks". We successfully removed the trojan with Microsoft Security Essentials and fixed the damage to Chrome, but Internet Explorer still makes me extremely uncomfortable. A few days ago, I noticed the presence of Sweetpacks Internet Explorer Toolbar in my program list from a few years ago. Fearing we missed something, I ran multiple virus scans with no yield. After this, I attempted to u
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