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  1. Ok, so in a ''nutshell'': into the specific case of this topic, the IP that i met with was safe when i met it but housed malicious contents time before. So the IP block of malwarebytes blocked it, but when I met it, it was clean, right? Sorry my for english xD
  2. could anyone help me? around in the internet i found some people experienced this same issue days ago, without knowing what it is.
  3. hi, i'm sorry if i'm late: does it mean that in the right moment i encountered that site, it was safe from time before? does it mean malwarebytes blocked a site who was safe in that time?
  4. Hello, please help me! Today i was surfing, like everyday, on Deviantart.com All right until, while i was surfing images, pictures etc. in that website (deviantart is an ART website) and, clicks redirected into a page called ''Kongyunbao .com'' warning and asking me to install a file about adobe flash player, instead of Of course i didn't click anything else and closed the page. pay attention that while that was happening, Malwarebytes premium and Norton 360 didn't warning me about anything, (like nothing doubtfully malicious happened) then i ran some complete scans both with Malwa
  5. Hi everybody, i have to show my issue:Today i was, as usual, surfing on google. Since i had to search on google the adress of a market shop in my town. Immediately after i've pressed on 'search' on google, malwarebytes popped up saying me that it has blocked a malicious website.Actually, with norton i have seen that those website results were flagged as ''unsafe'', but the point is: 1)how could have i connected to a malicious ip if i didn't even clicked on any result, right after click 'search' on google.Then, the same pop-up that alerted me of that, showed the name of the malicious ip. It wa
  6. Hi all! I've got Malwarebytes Premium and, today, i'd like to install Team Speak 3 in order to communicate with my friends online. I've chosen Team Speak because i know that Malwarebytes gives a lot of alerts with Skype (because skype p2p). So, my point is: When it happens, everytime i see those pop-up from malwarebytes, i feel personally unsafe, and i'd prefer to not see them at all I've googled a bit but seems that there aren't any particular problem between Malwarebytes and teamspeak3. My question is: if i install team speak 3, will i probably receive the same pop-ups from skype or not
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