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  1. nope still having the out of date issue but the " System not fully protected" message is fine
  2. ok it just completed, and the datebase is out of date still says version 2014.5.8.4
  3. Ok question, i just installed the and doing a scan/update, i bought the Premium if i put in my ID/key will i still keep the
  4. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, should i remove and re-install yet again?
  5. Hello guys my name is Brian. I'm a long time user of MB but seem to be having some issues with the new Version, 2 things. 1. System is not fully protected - This just started happening a few day ago, updates/system restart will not fix. 2. Database is out of date - 4+ clean installs has not fixed, also ran the Mbam-clean and still not working with clean install. Love the MB product as its saved me a few time, just not feeling as safe with my current issues. Been reading and i did run some checks as i will post them now for you guys. The only way i could get the Out of date Database to work was to change the check out of date number to 5 vs 1. Thanks guys and the MB team hope to hear back from you soon. Brian Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
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