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  1. It results in the same thing unfortunately. Thank you for looking that up for me! I suppose I'll just have to wait
  2. If I maximize it at this point (175%) I can see more of the program, but not enough to do much. Screenshot included.
  3. Thank you for the Beta link! At first downloading the Beta seemed to fix the problem. It showed up very small with my computer on 150%. I upped it to 175% and everything looked great size wise, except for Malwarebytes. It did not get bigger. I closed out and reopened, and it's giant again. The only difference is that I can resize the window to make it smaller, which I couldn't do on the regular version without it disappearing, but the text and images remain large and I can only see part of the program. Since there are no scroll bars, I can't access anything but one button. Any text smaller than 175% is just too hard for me to focus on.
  4. I found out that the scaling is apparently the DPI? I scaled it down and Malwarebytes did shrink! Unfortunately so did everything else, and now I can barely read what I'm typing here. My icons and task bar are also incredibly small. I used CTRL+Scroll Wheel to make desktop icons bigger, but this has no effect on my taskbar.
  5. Where can I change DPI settings? I see where I can change resolution and scaling but nothing called DPI. What should it be set on?
  6. Nevermind, issue NOT solved. Just opened up Malwarebytes again and it looks exactly like it did in the screenshot... what a long day! Sorry about that, it worked great after I had updated it.
  7. Yes, updating resolved the issue! I kind of wish that I had redownloaded the file and tried it that way, I used the file I had used the first time to install. It seems to be working great now!
  8. I've fiddled with the program for a while, and finally made it do application updates. It fixed the issue. Sorry for not replying sooner, I did not see that this had a reply.
  9. I just got a new computer today and installed Malwarebytes. When I opened it, however, it took up the entire screen and the print is HUGE. Way larger than anything else at my current resolution. It also is so big it hides the taskbar, and F11 doesn't do anything, neither does Escape. I tried Windows+Down Arrow and it does resize so I can see the top bar with minimize/maximize/close (this was hidden when the program opened). But as soon as I try to resize the window to make it smaller by clicking on the edges, it disappears! It's still running and still on the taskbar, but it will not show up at all when I select it. Even going through the task manager and choosing Bring To Front does nothing. I've uninstalled the program and reinstalled it with the same results.
  10. Update: I ran into the same disconnection issue later while not running Malwarebytes. It seemed to get worse while running the program, but Malwarebytes itself wasn't the issue. Updated drivers for my Wi-Fi card and switched to 5Ghz. Problems have virtually disappeared. The only thing Malwarebytes seems to have done was just make the problem a little more evident, but it wasn't the cause at all! It was just really weird timing.
  11. I ran through Task Manager after posting this to see if I could find anything odd (disk is at 100% when running this scan which is weird). I do have a VPN but it should not be running. I did find the process for the VPN even though it's disabled on startup and I haven't started it up in months, and I ended it. Also ended a few others that had no business being open since they are disabled and I hadn't opened them, which concerned me a bit (Word, ManyCam, Adobe Creative Cloud). I will try restarting and running with Webroot disabled. Will update thread with those results.
  12. The connection went down a few times again, but came up within seconds while trying this again. Then it went down entirely and gave me the same issue as before (WiFi says no connections available, red X, then shows list of connections and refuses to connect before saying no connections are available again). The moment I paused the Malwarebytes scan everything went back to normal. I started the scan again and so far there have been no issues, but this is a very hit or miss problem it seems. While I was getting the "no connections are available" error I checked with another computer and the internet was fine. I included a screenshot of where my scan was at the time the internet went down, just in case the progress had anything to do with it.
  13. Oops I had no idea I was out of date! Updated and disabled Fast Start. Restarted and began a scan. Version is now The internet went out at one point near the beginning of the scan, but after disconnecting/reconnecting everything seems fine. It didn't clear the list of available Wi-FI this time or give me any of those other issues. Thank you!
  14. Here are my results from the Malwarebytes Support Tool mbst-grab-results.zip
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