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  1. No problem, and many thanks for the help and clarifications today!
  2. Sorry for the delay. Uninstalled Ginger and Comodo. There were no differences after removing Comodo and rebooting. Re-installed Ginger, it was still blocked by MBAE, IE still immediately closes upon start up.
  3. Sure. I'll make another post once done.
  4. Initially I chose "Run Isolated" during installation. It appears it didn't install with the isolation option. So I later chose "Run Unlimited". It installed promptly after. Then the situation with MBAE after.
  5. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit? Not sure what it means or what EMET does. Sorry about that. I do use Comodo Internet Security Premium... Comodo notified about having not much information on the Ginger Software when trying to install, and left me with the usual options of Run Unlmited, Run Isolated, Block.
  6. Thanks. I will re-install it now. My log is attached. How do I go about whitelisting it? IE closes immediately after I start it up. mbae-default.log
  7. Sure, I'll do that. It seems like a useful software but not detrimentally necessary, so I'll wait. Many thanks!
  8. Thank you for the quick reply. I shall re-install it then. How would I go about whitelisting it in MBAE?
  9. Hi, new to here. I've had MAE for a while now and it's the first time it has noticed an exploit. A good thing? The exploit block seems to have occurred when after I installed the Ginger Software (a software that corrects Grammar) and try to use Internet Explorer. Ginger software website (just in case): http://www.gingersoftware.com/ I'd like to know if this is possible a false positive or a legitimate exploit before attempting to whitelist this software. Is it possible to be able to disable certain parts of the Ginger software to avoid this exploit? I have contacted the Ginger s
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