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  1. thank you for your help so i guess this means im ok. Looks like the onlything i had was the DLC5 toolbar...and from the rougekiller i had some bad "host" instead of my normal internet. I been using this through out the day so far so good. Maybe the shield thing is just cuz there is a lasp in the startup on the mccafee virrusscan, maybe it just dont report to the tray that its on right away? again thank you Kevin for all your help.
  2. Results of screen317's Security Check version 0.99.79 Windows XP Service Pack 3 x86 Internet Explorer 8 ``````````````Antivirus/Firewall Check:`````````````` Windows Firewall Enabled! McAfee VirusScan Enterprise+AntiSpyware Enterprise Antivirus up to date! `````````Anti-malware/Other Utilities Check:````````` Spybot - Search & Destroy Malwarebytes Anti-Malware version CCleaner Adobe Reader 10.1.9 Adobe Reader out of Date! ````````Process Check: objlist.exe by Laurent```````` Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamservice.exe Malwarebytes Anti-Malware mbamgui.ex
  3. ok so i have done all this and here are your logs. I hope your right about this stuff kinda got me lost here as to what all this is doing. Am i just removing old infected files or somthing. Thanks again for all your help checkup.txt FSS.txt
  4. So just to sum up here....this is kinda confusing...dont want to remove the wrong thing...ran frst and went well but now do i remove these in red?
  5. so before i go on...should i also delet the fixlog.txt document that was made? I also found a DLC5 toolbar that was running got rid of it.
  6. oh...cant edit yet i guess.... this logo eventually went away and my virus status went to green like it was turned on. Is this just how my mccafee is set up takes a few to get going? Or is there no lasp in protection and again this logo is just a fake sort of thing. I appologize i dont know much about this program and it was installed with the computer when we got it.
  7. Ok Kevin, here ya go.. looks like the junkware removal took just removed one registry key...not sure what the key is for but thats what it did. Actually easy tool to use so what happens now? am i free and clear? i noticed this morning when i booted...the shield showed up...this is before doing all this. I clicked on it to see what it did and took me to Microsoft security told me my security was turned off....yet mccafee was obviously in the tool tray at the bottom. mbam-log-2014-01-27 (07-41-16).txt JRT.txt
  8. Yea we have no IT department. I am not going to hold you guys responsible for anything that happens to this pc this is all my fault i guess. IDk buddy i just come here to a place that has no idea of the equipment they have, no one here has any clue as to what programs were installed nor is there any support (politics, they did not pay for the support ) I just work here. I been dealing with another issue i had told you about , with a Java issue and had "advancesetup" and "firefox" from this forum before help me out. I do realize what im getting into here, i guess i could of just ea
  9. ok i am doing this, should i not run Rougekiller...it did find some stuff. I just want to know i really dont want to have a ton of programs on this computer. This computer is a work computer and some items i have to have on this computer for the manufacures i work for.
  10. Hi and thanks for helping. this tool looks similar to the DDS or the rougekiller i used before. But here is your attachments you asked for . I had norton go back...and rencently had to use that so i had a internet connection i think i did somthing wrong and deleted something i shouldnt of. anyway here ya go . Addition.txt FRST.txt
  11. Ok sorry to reply so soon i know you all are busy but i did this...and look what i found. This is the report from Rougekiller. Just not sure if i should delete these...its funny finding the host that it found cuz for the last few days i was getting some really weird ads. RKreport0_S_01242014_143817.txt
  12. Hey guys, i have this little icon on the lower right corner in my tray red shield with a white x in the middle...right next to my mccafee shield tells me " your antivirus is turned off ..ect ...warning) I have mccafee virusscan 8.8 enterprise....i have noticed numerous blocks by a.p.r (access protection rules) but i scan and nothing. i also have mbam, and chamelon, scanning doesnt find anything, just for the heck of it i downloaded hitmanpro, and spybot s&d and still got nothing....all this has been done in safe mode. I appologize for the numerous av programs here just i am using
  13. You got all that form those files...good, its funny cuz in the past when i had a issue i ran this in safe mode...ran mccafee and malwarebytes....mbam found like 80 possible infections..since then i thought they were all gone. This computer has had problems from day one....Things keep getting into it. Thanks for all your help Advance setup, and Firefox i will dig into this later and start a new thread ....Thank you!!!
  14. ok i couldnt get TFC to work..i think its my av saw a block log for it...it seems as if the TFC wants to terminate mccafee services...Acess protection rule wont allow that...so i will have to try again later when i get time to shut it all down. SO here is your dds files you wanted. one is zipped other is just a attachment dds.txt attach.zip
  15. ok i will have to run the TFC cleaner another time...just too hard while im at work to do it. It seems to stop everything and when i did it i click the start button and it says "stoping processes" then just seems to stay there. I assume its doing its thing but nothing telling me it is...no loading icon, swiriley thing or anything. At the top of the box it said (TFC not responding) wouldnt allow me to click on anything ...i let this run like this for a few minutes till i got interupted. I will do this for you guys later ...where as the ccleaner i can run only takes a few seconds. Is
  16. Damn Advance set up ...i liked ccleaner too.. have it on all my computers , yea i dont use the registry thing too high tech for me. I downloaded your TFC cleaner and will do that in a few. bear with me here guys , then ill find that dds thing. Your links dont work so i been googling the tools and finding them.
  17. Well this version 8.8 has malware and antivirus...again maybe its not set up right...the manual for this program is verry involved but i think i got the bulk of it figured out. Like you said it seems nice and more end user customizable then MSE. ok i ran like you said (before i start...i ran "revouninstall" no java even found, ran javaRa 1.16 )saved java ->close other programs->turn off access protection-> run update from folder -> ...no dice same thing i think im going to give up on this one. Right now all my catalogs work just i cant update so stuck with java7.40 i
  18. yea Firefox but honestly not to create a AV argument here but mccafee did not catch any of the issue that were found on this computer...the Malwarebytes did. I had some bad stuff on here too, I scan with virusscan console every day just cuz of the issue wiht this computer.....(just a small quick scan tho) I recently had to reveiw and read the entire pdf doc of the "user manual" on Mccafee and wow intense...so im sure your right in the right hands there should be nothing to get in the way of this..i think its just not configured the right way. Im learning..ha ha I have done the Java insta
  19. also after i did a "cclean" by piniform i got rid of all those temp files...the first time i ran there were more but this attachment will let you know am doing this after the install fails... also attached is my mccafee vs 8.8 enterprise edidtion report....I have this "rule" set to not block, so looks like its just warning me...im unfamiliar with this product again just istalled on the computer id rather have MSE. Thought maybe you could see by what it wants to block what is worng idk maybe it wont help, then a few error messages. MCCAFEE REPORT 2.txt
  20. Hi, Advance setup. Sorry for the late reply wasnt at work after like 530.... Anyway i do have that old version got it from another tech site with someone that had the same problem. Here is my log file. Again its weird i dont know that its actually getting rid of it. When i posted that screen shot of the file in "c" you can tell there still is a bunch of them located in the computer somewhere...i dont want to just manually start deleting all those. I work at a Truck dealer and unfortantly manufactures still need to use IE, java, adobe air, flash, ect..bunch of weird stuff to get th
  21. yes sir i did. after using the Javara i also did a restart. Then i used ccleaner and tried to see if there were any left "registry issue " that said anythign about java but no nothing or nothing that i can see. I dont want to mess anything up and since im running xp was worried that maybe this update wont work for me. I am on windows xp pro. sp3 , thank you for your time i will continue to see if anything changes, and i will let you guys know. I just was tryin to do an update to keep from old versions of java causing issues like viruses and such.
  22. ok i tried to use that full installer...and still tells me i have a old version that did not get removed. funny thing is..there is no java icon in my CP its not ther although you can see my my WS that ther are pleanty of files on the computer of it.
  23. Ok i decided to show you all the java files on the computer to see if this is correct. I have taken a screen shot and cut some of this out so wasnt so much. But i do have jave just cant uninstall it. Maybe these old ones are causing the problem? java removal tool is not visiable to me on their site...seems to be just an "x"
  24. Hi guys, i am asking you to help me with my computer here at work...No we dont have an IT department this place is small my computer (referb unit) has had all the problems...since im the only one that seems to know how to even use a computer they think i am causing my own issue..so bare with me if you can I have java 7.40 im trying to update to 7.51 everything works out ok then after the oracle screen i get "installer was interupted error" so i did some reading on line and downloaded "javara" to remove old versions of Java....it seem to have removed alot of old versions but i still
  25. ok sorry maybe this was a dumb question..i think i just figured this out. had to disable the process from the taskmanager and then did a re-boot and seems to be gone. Ill just decide if i contact you guys to buy a update version but thank you in advance. Great product and i have had no issues with it.
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