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  1. We can only hope so. Thanks for your support. I still dislike the new interface, though. I'll get used to it... but I don't have to like it! LOL!
  2. Sorry, miekiemoes, all I have is the screenshot I posted that I took off the infected computer. I expanded the names and locations of the malware before I took the screenshot. The database on v2.x was updated to the most recent release before the scan was run. Scan was set to maximum depth. After the subsequent uninstall of v2.x (because it couldn't find the infection) and the installation of v1.75, I updated the database before running the scan. This was done on the very same day; same database release. In regards to your statement: - MBAM2 is actually superior in detection than 1.75, because of additional engine updates. - Apparently this isn't exactly an accurate statement. No offense intended. MBAM is still a stellar product and my favorite tool other than my own mind!
  3. I agree with the OP's assessment. As a certified PC tech since 1998, I've seen my fair share of rogue AV programs. This new GUI reminds me of them in many ways. In fact, the first time I saw it, I was sure that it was a rogue version of MBAM. The program has a few nice additions such as the root kit scanner, but it drastically lacks any sort of intuitive navigation. I also don't like that it doesn't show you the number of items detected after the scan is complete. I like to notify my clients how many malicious items I removed from their system and this new format makes it much more difficult. But, MORE than that... even after setting it up for the maximum depth scan, it missed items that v1.75 was able to catch after I uninstalled v2.x and reinstalled v1.75 and ran a full scan. How is this possible?? They were simple PUPs and v2.x completely missed them. I've attached a screenshot of the items it missed. All in all, I'm sure that I'll get used to v2.x in due time, but I sure wish I didn't have to. I'd prefer to stick with the v1.75 interface, maybe with the additional scan options, but some newer Windows 8.1 systems won't allow a database update only and forces v2.x on me. Dislike.
  4. Thanks a TON! I'll check out those suggestions.
  5. First time poster so please forgive me if this is a repost. For Pete's sake, I beg of you.... PLEEEAAAASE give me a "Select All" button on the Scan Results page!!! These new PUPs are generating LOADS of results that I have to go down and manually check each item for removal. It can sound like a long drum roll sometimes... spacebar - down arrow - spacebar - down arrow, etc. ad nauseum! I had a machine in my shop the other day that had 2,847 PUPs that I thought would be the end of me! Then I had another one today with 961 that prompted this posting. Over 1,000 PUPs is not uncommon. For this program update I would be truly and eternally grateful!
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