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  1. Many thanks Porthos. I am well aware of the vulnerability of XP but I have so much information and records that I wish to keep on it many of a format which will only work on XP. I rarely use XP for the Internet now and when I do always via Firefox on ethernet which I believe to be less vulnerable than old Microsoft I.E. My residual protection will be MBAM 3.5.1 Premium and resurrected Windows Firewall (as MBAM doesn't appear to have one). I hope it all works. If it all collapses in disarray I shall disconnect from the Net. My main computer is Windows 10 with Edge.
  2. I have had MBAM 3.5.1 free as a stand alone scanner for my Windows XP for many years. My XP is currently protected by NortonLiveLock legacy version which will fiinish at the end of February 2021. I intend to upgrade to MBAM premium from my free version but am concerned as to exactly what upgrade may mean. I have to remain at 3.5.1 for MBAM to work on XP. Can you confirm I won't upgrade beyond 3.5.1 premium. I don't have a licence key so I presume my annual payment will cover this and either upgrade me or give me a licence key.
  3. Thank you Porthos and Telos. It seems to be working for me at the moment but I shall keep an eye on it.
  4. I have Win XP SP 3 which I understand is compatible to Malewarebytes (free) v.3.0.6 which I have just updated to. Unable to fathom out out to exclude 2 PUM registry values. Help please.
  5. Admin. Please delete this post - I have solved it imbart
  6. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but I have XP with free Malwarebytes which is a stand alone program to use on demand. I have never had an update from that offered as I used to have. I notice that Memory,Startup and Rootkits are now shown disabled whereas they used to be enabled until very recently and I have rootkits ticked to scan. I still get updates. I seem to have lost my way.
  7. Many thanks for your help, daledoc1. It is actually the update log that I delete so the actual increment to the database shouldn't be affected. Sorry to further confuse the issue by saying I delete the update. I'll let it rest now.
  8. Thanks for your response, daledoc1. It's just a technophobes question trying to achieve some knowledge Whenever I update the database I always immediately delete the previous update. Does each update just add to the database or is each database entirely replaced?
  9. Sorry if this is a silly question. Will deleting the XML application logs in MBAM (free) affect the main cumulative database in any way? Just something that suddenly bugged me as log files are usually .txt.
  10. False alarm - scan log has reappeared. Possible cause may have been because I changed History Settings to "don't export log information" which I thought was in keeping with v.1.75 where log results appeared without exporting anything. It seems after that I didn't get the scan logs. However now changed back to "export log information to disk" and scan log appeared again in History. I am not sure if this is the answer - it might be a glitch for all I know.
  11. I am still finding my way around MBAM 2 (free) and have now done a few threat scans. I got both Protection and Scan logs each time . I then deleted all logs. The next two scans I did just showed the protection log in History and I don't have scan logs any more in History. Any ideas?
  12. Many thanks Firefox. I actually sorted that out afterwards. I got a bit confused with all the new formats and rushed to print too soon. And thanks Oldviking also. I am aware that Windows are withdrawing support for XP but I much prefer it to Win7(which I also have) and I have heard some bad reports from people with Win 8. I think XP is the best one that Windows made.
  13. I assume MBAM 2 (free) is OK on Win XP SP3 although I couldn't find system requirements. I have now installed MBAM 2 (free) and all seems fine and it overwrote the last version leaving my two ignore items I had in my last version in "malware exclusions". I can't locate the log files which we used to have though. I found the scan and protection logs in history and located the xml files as shown but opening them told me nothing just a jumble of writing code. Where can I read the scan results from the logs as before?
  14. There was a time when Malwarebytes (free version) enumerated and scanned registry items while you watched and read. However for some time now recent editions of Malwarebytes seem to gloss over this. One is told that registry items are being enumerated to start with which seems to amount to about 12 objects or so and if you blinked you would miss it before moving on to actually scanning memory objects and autorun objects. When it reaches around 2500 objects it flashes through a second or so of scanning registry objects (which again you would miss if you blinked) to show immediately that 30000 objects have been suddenly scanned and carries on with scanning filesystem objects. My question is: Are registry items scanned by Malwarebytes and if so when? If they are included with the filesystem objects scan as I believe a posting on someone else's similar query was answered (maybe years ago now) how can 25000 or so objects be scanned in a flash between scanning autorun objects and filesystem objects? Does anyone know, please?
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