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  1. My Windows Security Center is disable. I can't turn on . Plese help me! :excl: :excl: Here is log and some picture mbam-log-2012-12-21 (13-18-39).txt
  2. Apologize in advance because I'm Vietnamese so I do not know much English.I had to use google translate to write this article.What if there are errors would sympathize Since yesterday morning.when I download one file package.Avast!Web Shield Alert file is infected with Win32: Delft-SQI [Trj].But I thought it was the wrong message.So I took off and download files.Then I opened the package file and installed it .... I have been infected with a virus.it set up the boot lock and turn off all warnings about anti-virus programs.But I have discovered and deleted it.But I think it is still not clear.
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