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  1. Once I am back on site tonight, I will be able to re-enable protection and let you know. Is your software logging IP addresses yet, so I don't have to go strictly off the popup?
  2. OK, I will now have to turn off the protection mode, as I cannot continue to function normally with IP blocking. I use logmein Pro and cannot connect to the computer with MBAM running in protection mode because it blocks IP addresses associated with setting up the remote connection. The IP blocking should be disabled until a better way can be established to delineate between known good sites or servers that reside at a shared IP address. First I noted that GoDaddy subdomain forward servers are being blocked, now this one. MBAB protection mode has essentially made it impossible for me to do business on this PC since IP blocking went into effect.
  3. I use GoDaddy for DNS stuff, like forwarding and masking a domain I use for remote support of clients. GoDaddy uses a server at IP address: to do this forwarding. As a result, since I am a Malwarebytes reseller, etc., my clients are not able to access my forwarded domain, because Malwarebytes is blocking the address on the client's PC, as well as my own. I have to advise clients to take Malwarebytes out of protection mode prior to connecting to this site. Thanks, CJ
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