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Malwarebytes and Comodo

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Hi folks!! I was just wanting to drop a note to say I think I have figured out the compatibility issues between the two programs. Malwarebytes has a tendancy to think the Sandbox as well as the Quarantine folders are rogue programs; this also happened when I was using Kaspersky. When these two firewalls are installed they take a system snapshot of all instaled programs onyour drive and then stores the findings in a shadow folder so they can compare what is running on your computer and what isn't. If Malwarebytes is installed after any of these two firewalls then you will most certainly run into false positives and possibly compatibility issues. It seems that if Malwarebytes can monitor the installs of these two it makes them all happy. MBAM sees the creation of these folders and thus seems to put them freindly catagory. I also had issues with running Comodo with MBAM and this fixed it. Folks in all actuality your firewall should be the ABSOLUTE LAST THING YOU INSTALL ON ANY OPERATING SYSTEM.Remember firewalls look at program.exe behavior for the majority and care little of .dll executions which is why we will forever need anti-malware & anti-virus programs. Hope this helps someone. Oh one more thing befor I go, if your firewall was the last thing you installed and are still having issues ask yourself if you removed any C++ programs lately; if so, then you may have to reinstall all security programs so they are properly registered with the Windows WMI Service...Cheers!!!!!

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If Malwarebytes is installed after any of these two firewalls then you will most certainly run into false positives and possibly compatibility issues.

Hi cursious -

If you read the general install options in most of the FAQ areas , you will find this is normally covered.

During the install process it is often advised to temporarally disable your Antivirus and Firewall programs to prevent this problem.

This also applies to installing quite a few active programs on your computer.

Once you have installed Malwarebytes, and then re-enabled your A/virus and Firewall, there is not usually the conflict that you describe.

You may also note in the FAQ area, that the process for adding Exclusions to the Antivirus and Firewall is covered for many common programs.

I ran Comodo for a while and did not find the problem you mention, as I followed the examples for adding exclusions to MBAM, and Comodo.

Just my take on your observations -

Thank You -

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