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MBAM and F-Secure and Trend Micro Titanium + 2012

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Hey Malwarebytes

I just installed F-Secure provided by my ISP and it uninstalled MBAM without warning. I also have Trend Micro Titanium + 2012 installed on another pc that at least let me know that MBAM needed to be uninstalled before it's installation could continue.

I later reinstalled MBAM after Trend Micro finished installing, and setup exclusions for both, and it appears to be running fine.

Can you tell me if MBAM is compatible with these two AV apps, and if so, how do I setup exclusions for F-Secure. Don't know if this matters, but my F-Secure is a version porvided by my ISP, Charter.

Thanks for any help,


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Greetings :)

MBAM should be compatible, but I'm not familiar with F-Secure so I'm not sure how to set exclusions in it, however, the files to exclude from it would primarily be mbam.exe, mbamgui.exe and mbamservice.exe.

I do know that MBAM works well with Trend Micro, as we have tested it for compatibility, unfortunately, like many AV's these days, they detect any other installed security applications and prompt the user to remove them (including MBAM), but reinstalling afterwards and setting exclusions as you did is generally the way to go to get MBAM working well alongside your resident AV.

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exile360, Thanks for your reply. I was hoping I did the right thing re-installing MBAM after TM installed. If things had not gone smoothly, I would have done away with TM, and kept MBAM. :D It's the best there is at what it does.

I'll look around some more in F-Secure for the place to add exclusions, if there is one. If I find it, I'll will reply back to this thread to let's you know where it is.

Thanks again,


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Excellent, thanks :)

Just an additional note, to date I haven't heard of anyone having any problems running F-Secure alongside MBAM and as I recall, one of our resident experts runs that very combination (the paid version of F-Secure I believe, not the free ISP-provided version, though I'm sure it's built on the same core engine).

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