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Are these two viruses/malware?


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So, first...I start up my PC, and it seems to take a while to get to the user login. It boots up, and then takes about 30 seconds for me to be able to be able to login. I then can login into my PC, and it runs fine. No popups or anything and is at normal speed. My computer is defraggedd and I use CCleaner to clean cookies and what not. I also have msconfig to start no programs to run.

I have Malwarebytes, Norton Antivirus (2012), Superantispyware...and nothing has found any signs of viruses, spyware or malware. I used a TTDS scan as well from Kasperky, and nothing came up.

System OS:

Windows 7 64bit

Now, I was looking through ProgramData and found a couple suspicious looking folders.

One is


inside it is a file called OwnSpeakerLevelMutex

The next folder is

C:\ProgramData\xOcean (it says the folder is empty, but...)

Inside it are two DATfiles: naid.dat and smlt.dat, both 1kb in size

Are those two normal? Or is that a sign of an infection? Again, nothing has found any viruses and both those folders and files came out clean. I don't have any xOcean.exe file anywhere, which supposedly is a virus file?

Since I'm new around here, not sure what information is needed or not. I guess my biggest problem is the slow login to my PC. It boots up fast, then before it gets to windows login...its really slow. But, then I login and it is fine. I don't know if that is a sign of a virus or not...don't really know that much about how PCs work.

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Any other scanner I should use? Should I resort to Combofix?

Really, like I said. My biggest problem is how slow my computer takes to get to the Windows login. But I have some other strange performance issues too...like sometimes my browser freezes, or my computer slows down slightly. Other than that, it seems normal.

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Sorry. When I typed the last two messages, I had an emergency to take care of and was in a rush.

Firefox locks up on Youtube for a few seconds (whole browser stops responding), once it gets to loading "y.img.com" or maybe its "y.timg.com"...which I guess belongs to Google. I've had this problem for many months, now and none of my other browsers have this happen. This has happened ever since Firefox updated a few months back, and I updated java/flash. Like I said, Chrome and Internet Explorer never have this happen.

Chrome today sometimes doesn't displace a page and says "Page not found"...but it seems to not effect all sites. It hasn't happened before today, but some sites this has been happening all day...but I go to other sites, and it runs just fine. So, I'm reluctant to call them a virus/spyware problem...maybe just the sites I go to. I know Steam site/forums are probably under heavy load (with Skyrim and coming back after a hack attempt)...and probably a couple other gaming sites experiencing the same problem, too.

So, I don't think the browsers have anything to do with a virus/spyware.

But, I don't know why my computers performance overall seems a bit slow at times (overall, its really fast...just seems slower than it used to be when loading programs and what not) and why it takes so long for the computer to get to the windows login. I think these two might be related, I don't know. I don't know much about computers, and since I've moved out of the house...I don't have anyone to help with it. No one at the group home I'm at, knows computers...which is a shame. And I can't afford to pay someone to come to look at it.

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