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Really Messed Up PC


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I was the one who asked about "destination compnent" error. Sorry I never got back with anyone. Appreciate your responses. Found out after that, that there are many issues my computer has. I am pretty much self-trained (scary statement, but true), so my knowledge and even understanding of correction procedures is limited. I have sent emails to microsoft because for months now my computer could not install Vista Svc Pack 1. When looking at protocol about this, it says to disable virus protection and some other things. My PC was set up for automatic updates and of course has tried adding it many x's and failed. Error code is 80070002. I long ago did whatever the help section told me to in my computer-no results. Then there is still the destination component error, which I did not do anything further with yet because I discovered all these other issues that really concern me. Ann at microsoft has emailed me some things to do, which I have been unable to do. She also told me to check with Hewlett Packard B4 I tried again to do the Svc Pack to make sure I did not need to do something different to the drivers or such. I emailed them twice and they gave me the same protocol as I already tried in the help section, and never did answer my ?'s. Ann at microsoft has sent me some new things over to try, which I do not understand at all. I prefer not to work with techs over the phone because it has been a horror story in the past, whn several months ago I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer without taking it back to where I bought it, for fear of charges. I worked with ???# of techs on the phone over countless hours, only to find out when I took it in, it had a virus and adware, cost me $130, minus the diagnostic fee which my additional warranty covered. Anyway, I am unable 2 uninstall, repair or change programs. When I look at my list of programs there are many that show name of a program, no publisher, no installed date and no program size-like it is there in name only. Ex: Security Update for CAPICOM (KB931906), Google Earth, Hewlett Packard Active Check, HP Asset Agent, HP Support Library, Hp Smart Web Printing. Then there are several that sow name of a program and size of it, but no publisher and no installed date, ex: Roxio Creator Tools 358 KB, Roxio Creator Copy 422 Kb, Roxio Cretor Data 889 KB, Microsoft Visual C ++2005 Redistributable 422 KB, Roxio CXreator Easy Archive 1.50 MB, Roxio Creator Audio 3.82 MB. I gave all this info to microsoft, they never said it was related to Vista Svc Pack1. I have no idea what these items are or what they do. Also, I have Spybot free version for adware, trojan, etc control and I cannot access the "help" section on that. I tried to add on free version of AVG Virus protection 2-3 weeks ago and it won't let me do that. I think it told me I do not have the space, but I do. Perhaps this is too much for this forum. But I would appreciate any idea or suggestions. If I must continue with microsoft, I'll bite a bullet and do it. Thanks ahead of time!

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I suggest you follow these steps

This will give a detailed log of the things that are running on your pc, and changes that have been made etc, and after you post it in the correct section (there is a link in the post I just linked to) somone who knows much more about malware than me will be able to help you. As a warning, do NOT attempt to fix anything with HiJackThis unless the person helping you tells you to. Most of the things in a HJT log are safe, and you won't know what is safe to delete and what isn't.

Good luck.

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Guest remixed

hello vickie, Your inability to install Vista SP1 can be due to a number of reasons, not necessarily malware. Concerning the various applications you mention, most of them are simply 'bundled software' included with all HP Pc's. Printer software for HP printers (even if you don't own one) etc. Roxio is standard issue CD/DVD burning software. Little of this is necessary but it is not malware and unlikely to be the source of the problem. If you feel the problem is malware related then follow the instructions here http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9573 and someone will respond to your post.

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