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One way to stop malware from blocking installation or running of MBAM


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After reading posts about people being unable to install or run MBAM due to malware blocking, I have thought of something. The developers of MBAM should attach random numbers to the filenames so that malware writers who want to block the installation or running of MBAM will not succeed because those bad guys will not be able to guess the random numbers attached to the filenames for the installation or running of MBAM. Those malware writers are out to make people's computers unfixable. With random numbers attached to filenames, it will be impossible for malware to block, uninstall, or tamper with MBAM, SAS, or any other security program. I'm just lucky that I have never been hit with malware that blocks MBAM. I really feel sorry for people who can't install or run MBAM or SAS due to malware blocking. So to all MBAM developers, please attach random numbers to the filenames to prevent malware blocking. Thanks in advance.

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I would imagine that may be a good solution, only problem is that it is the process alone that appears to get blocked. I was evaluating how useful Malware would be on our corporate network and found if a user is already infected with a scumware like Spyware Protect 2009, it would automatically block the mbam.exe process from running.

This would require Malwarebytes to adopt a randomizing scheme to run it's program. It alone would have to track its own processes and registry keys (and being the good programming it has, it will would have to remove old and unused keys) if they get randomized by whatever schedule. The schedule would have to be determined by the user or by the inherent MBAM programming itself.

At this point I've found the only solution to Virtumonde, Spyware 2009, Antivirus 2009 etc... is to format. Even running ANY anti-malware program and successfully removing things like that cannot guarantee your system is safe. Everything is still at risk regardless.

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