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Bad mouthing on Malwarebytes


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Hi All,

As bad as this may be, I doubt there is much one can do about it. :)

A google of "Danielle_Horowitz"

A google of "Danielle Horowitz"

The results are different and do not seem to overlap. The two names are different; however similar they are.

The names are not as reliable as the style and content of the post. Often it is the same post used over and over and now using recognizable names in a frugal attempt to give credibility to the slander. There are enough of us onto this now that the scum is being found out with in a short time of posting and loses another site as soon as we notify the owner/admin of what is going on.

The way to fight this is to keep it public with tools like Digg and blogs. Scum can be skimmed off the top and that is what we are doing.

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Hi, I've just registered- or, re-registered....have a small problem that I think is more along the lines of what you have been dealing with

RE persons like KK posting cheap shots at Rogue Remover, can one of you Mods or Admins take a look at a thread

on Techguy forum and see if you recognize the poster?

I can't believe a word of what they posted back about damage RR did on their computer, and I do believe this person

must be wanting to discredit security apps, as they have had "problems" with whatever they use.

edited: They aren't specifically blaming RR but I wonder if any part of what they had happen could happen.

I think we'd have seen a few more posts about "My Internet disappeared....."


The Real IP Address is:



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That's really strange. He mentioned the "error nuker"...i can't say anything, since i only had traces of "Registry fix". But why don't you try? Instal error nuker, and them use the program. However, i'm sure that is a false comment.

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Just a thought here. "error nuker" MAY be like Kazaa where it makes itself part of the LSP chain and when RogueRemover removed "error nuker", the LSP chain was broken. NOT RogueRemover's fault in any way if that is the case. As I said, this is just a thought.

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Someone really should put this person out of their misery. :lol:

Yeah, I did reply, not too snobby though, didn't want to get kicked out, lol. Cripes, I wish I had that much time...I think it's one of the software company people who RR removes. RR became a thorn in someone's @$$


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Yes, I said the same thing months ago at ASAP we I caught him/her spamming this crap there.

It only makes sense, now, older people, less knowledgable people can' t get taken in by this crap. When fixing computers, I always end up removing these rogue programs, very irritating, which is a great PLUG for RD :lol: I'll just pass the word to those who have told me, "I don't know what program is legit". I can't remember every darn one either and i'm sure more come out all the time so RR is great for that.


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