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Malwarebytes.org site down?

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Hello lray: :welcome:

I only saw your post for the first time a few minutes ago. I have run a quick test with the Content Delivery Network and all is OK from my location. Are you still experiencing trouble?

If so, please post the exact error message in a reply.

HTH :)

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Hi,thanks for your reply. I just tried again and the update did work,however it took about 4 minutes before it started to download. After updating, I tried it again, and it took 2min-11sec to report back that I had the latest update.

From my internet browser, I am still getting no response from http://www.malwarebytes.org after at least 15min.


I just tried the same on my desktop pc (above is on laptop). The results are the same. I can get an update, but it took 3min 42sec to begin the download. And as with the laptop, http://www.malwarebytes.org never responded.


Actually, I discovered this situation yesterday at about 5pm at a friends house. He was dissatisfied with Trend Micro and I was trying to set up Mbam on his laptop at his home, on his router. He does however use the same ISP, which is "Windstream.net". I downloaded the Mbam free version (on his laptop) and installed it, then when I tried to update the database, it seemed as if it was not working! He said,"If it won't work any better than that, I'm not interested". So, I checked when I got home and I discovered the situation as I now have described it here!

It appears to be the same on 3 different computers from 2 different locations, however using the same ISP.

I have never had any trouble like this in over 2 years using Mbam on this ISP. Could it be related to my ISP??

thanks for your help,


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what kinda of results do you get if you ping it or run a trace route?

open a cmd prompt

type ping malwarebytes.org

then run a trace route

type tracert malwarebytes.org in your cmd prompt

what are the results?

then use these directions to troubleshoot the updater

Diagnose MBAM update Issues

Here are some steps to diagnose update issues:

Step 1

Please note that if you have a version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware older than 1.46, that it will not be able to connect to our update servers. If you have an outdated version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then please click on
to be forwarded to one of our download mirrors in order to get the latest version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. If that does not resolve the issue, then please continue on to steps 2 thru 5.

Step 2

Click on
and let me know what it says. It should be just a 4-digit number in the upper-left corner.

Step 3

If you use
Norton Internet Security
, and you have the
Add-On Pack
installed, then please note that the Add-On Pack will block the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware update process. Symantec has discontinued support for the Add-On Pack, and they have asked us to recommend to their customers that they uninstall the Add-On Pack and replace it with
. Since Norton Online Family is compatible with the Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware update process, replacing the Add-On Pack with it will solve any Norton Internet Security related update issues.

Step 4

Please download and run the traceroute utility at
. It will run a traceroute to our update servers to see if it can find the connection issue, and then it will write it to a log, and open that log in Notepad when it is done. Please either save the log as a Text File and then attach it to a reply, and I will forward it on to our server guy.

Note that it may take several minutes to run, and it may look like it is not doing anything for a few minutes. Normally it takes longer when there are errors that it has to log, but it's rare for it to go more than 10 minutes.

The final 2 lines should read

Name: edge.data-cdn.mbamupdates.com Address: 

If not then you are being redirected

Step 5

Please download TCPView from Microsoft at

This utility will monitor everything that is accessing the Internet or your local network. All you have to do is run TCPView, and then run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and start the update. Watch TCPView to see if mbam.exe shows up in the list. It will be pretty obvious, because it highlights it in green. I need to know what
"Remote Address"
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is trying to connect to. Once it shows up in the list, you can right-click on the line for mbam.exe, and select 'Copy' in order to paste it into a reply. It will tell me what I need to know. Below is an example of what the line you are looking for will look like inside the following code box:
mbam.exe:3656 TCP vista-x64:52135 cdn-208-111-168-7.ord.llnw.net:http ESTABLISHED

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Thanks Wildman 424

Sometimes an good nap will cure anything :rolleyes:

Don't mean to be flipant, but after lunch I had a long nap before I discovered your reply. I decided to try everything again before running the ping test, and voila! everything seems to be working fine!

The updates load rapidly and the website loads quickly too, as normal. The same is true of my desktop pc!!

I'll save your instructions incase it happens again! I'll bet the 'ping trace' would have indicated a server problem somewhere...

Thanks again for your help, maybe there are others who will benefit from these post as well. I'll try again, in a day or two to get my freinds Mbam working too!



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Wildman 424,

Just for curiosity's sake I ran the ping and trace that you suggested, attached is a screenshot of the ping test and ping trace. I'm not too swift on interpreting the results, and wondered how you see it??


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Removed image at user's request
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For the last day we've been dealing with some issues in the South East regions of the US where deliverability- of both our website and updates- was slow or in some cases nonexistent. We have routed around the issue and should be good now, but if anyone is still seeing issues they should contact us.

Sorry for the inconvenience on this.

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Wildman 424,

Just for curiosity's sake I ran the ping and trace that you suggested, attached is a screenshot of the ping test and ping trace. I'm not too swift on interpreting the results, and wondered how you see it??


Every thing there looks good ;)

appears to have been a network issue as Mr.Hafner has confirmed. It should be ok now.

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