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Time to change your clock,and batteries


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Its that time again, to "Change Your Clock, Change Your Batteries " be light and be safe.

On Sunday, Nov. 6, at 2 a.m. Daylight Saving Time comes to an end and we revert back to standard time.

There is much discussion about the benefits of Daylight Saving Time (DST), also known as Summer Time. The main purpose of (DST) is to make better use of daylight. We change our clocks during the summer months to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. Some studies have shown that DST saves on electricity use, and yet others studies have shown that the savings are so small it may not be worth the changes.

What has become part of the clock-changing routine twice per year, is the changing of batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Whatever your views on DST, we can all agree that changing the batteries in these life-saving detectors is a good thing.

Fire departments encourage people to change the batteries when changing their clocks because it's a convenient reminder. The national Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery program is now in its 23rd year.

A working smoke detector will double a person's chances of surviving a home fire, according to fire officials. Most people agree that smoke detectors are beneficial, as 90 percent of households have them installed. Unfortunately, one third of smoke detectors are estimated to have dead or missing batteries. Some batteries are disconnected to avoid the annoying beeping during cooking accidents.


People need to set their clocks and watches back one hour either before going to sleep on Saturday, or when they wke up on Sunday - observing the "Spring Forward, Fall Back" rule. Cheers


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Yes, European countries have changed their clocks already, I don't like this clock changing either :rolleyes:

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We already had our change to "winter time" last weekend. :( To be honest, I just wish they would decide to stick to "summer time" all year through.

According to Wikipedia you have World War I to blame for it (they cite the book Seize the daylight: the curious and contentious story of daylight saving time as the source for the first official institution of Daylight Savings Time as being during World War I).

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TOTALLY borked my Win7/64 desktop overnight with the change! :angry:

System was idle (but not asleep or hibernating).

Fully patched and stable (including all the Windows "daylight savings time" patches).

Awoke this AM & all looked OK, and the clock in the system tray showed the correct time (back one hour).

But Carbonite was "waiting for internet connection", even though modem, router, and network connection icon all seemed OK.

Then, my spamfilter app (which needs networking) wouldn't open.

And, of course, "page not found" when I tried browsers.

KIS daily scheduled scan froze on a system network file.

IOW, nothing requiring network access/drivers worked.

So, after power-cycling modem and router I tried a routine system restart.

Couldn't boot into Windows normal mode. :angry: :angry:

Extensive troubleshooting (including startup repair and a TS call to Dell) ended up with doing a system restore OUTSIDE Windows (from the recovery console) to an automatic RP from last evening.

That solved the problem and I reset the clock manually.

Thankfully, didn't have to uninstall KIS (which normally won't permit a system restore from within Windows, requiring that it be uninstalled if you want to do it).

Everything working OK now, or so it seems.

(And laptop, which was powered off overnight, booted up just fine this morning.)

~2 hours lost and some heartburn.

Moral of story: power down system overnight on time-change days!?!?!

Sometimes, I HATE computers!


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