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I know there are topics that are related to this problem, but I could not find similar things in those problems, so I am restarting a new post here. I have found Rootkit:win32.PMax.gen and Zaccess.e and antivirus, MBM, etc.. are all disabled or killed in middle of scanning. Tried antivirus rescue CD options also, but no use, they still exist.

I am attaching DDR logs below.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Hello everyone,

First, I thought I would need help to clean up this virus attack, but then I tried on my own using different tools, and to my surprise, I was able to clean it up and my system is running fine now :rolleyes: . I ran again MABM and other antivirus tools to check and they show nothing. The numbered process something like *****:****** (stars are numbers) in the task manager has gone, I am able to run anti-virus softwares and MABM and other stuff (these were previously blocked or disabled by virus). The redirecting and slow internet problems have also gone :D .

I was saved from refromatting and data backup and reinstall work. Now, I am logging-in only in Guest account and accessing internet, read somewhere that it is difficult for virus to take control with restricted access.

You can close this thread now. BTW, sorry for late reply.



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