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Malwarebytes thinks EVERYTHING on my computer is a virus!

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mbam-log-2011-10-29 (23-05-01).txtI posted a couple of days ago under the hijack this logs because after running malwarebytes google was still hijacked. I STILL cannot download any windows updates or install microsoft security essentials. I wasn't able to download the dds log because malwarebytes deleted a bunch of my programs including notepad. I was able to restore notepad and a couple of other programs. Today I reran malwarebytes and it found over 3,000 malicious files?! WTH?! It thinks EVERYTHING on my computer pretty much is infected with something. I think something is wrong with my malwarebytes! Somebody please help!!! I will attach the log from the last scan I did today. I have no clue what to do!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(and here is a link to the post from 2 days ago that has not received a response yet)


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  • Staff

Reading your log you definately have this infection.


%AppData%\<random file name>.dll (for example, %AppData%\wsr17zt32.dll)

2011-10-27 02:25:44 173582 ----a-w- c:\documents and settings\administrator\local settings\application data\wsr20zt32.dll

This tool may help. Please do not use mbam till you have this repaired. You can also restore all the expiro files from Mbam quaritine to restore any valid files that may be detected and deleted by Mbam.

and then run the tool below


The best option is to probably reformat though reason being this steals passwords and credit card information.

You also need to change all your passwords and if you used any credit cards also to maybe cancel and get reissued new #'s

If you need further assistance please stick with your original post.

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Thanks so much Shadowwar. I was able to run the avg program and it appears to have cleaned what it could. I was also able to finally install Microsoft security essentials, but it won't run. It opens and then immediately disappears. Same thing with Windows update. Any suggestions? Google is still hijacked :(

I also uninstalled mbam, downloaded a clean copy, and reinstalled. Should I run it now?

Thanks again for your prompt reply. I really appreciate the help!!

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  • Staff

Re run the avg program a few times. to make sure its clean.

Re run mbam. Make sure there are no virus detections. If there are no more of the virus and just other malware detections then remove those.

After that please stick with your original post. This particular subforum is not for malware removal. Just didnt want to see you lose the os. Please also note my previous posts about the security issues with this virus.

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