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PUM.hijack mbam removes but it comes back

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this is my second topic already! 50 views and didnt get even 1 reply, so please help now.

im infected, i dont think its rly important how i got this. anyway i rly need exprets' help around here, so give it a show if u see something in these logs.

i know the virus has 2 registry keys which can be removed manually and via mbam, but this thing has a loader which mbam nor hjt can detect.

ive done like 15 mbam scans already half of them are full scans, the other are flash scans which on both i always get 2 reg keys that are infected.

tried scans in safe mode and it still gets only 2 reg keys and they come back even after being deleted.

took some time to attach logs instead of you asking for them, coz this is getting rly urgent for me.





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