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Help with slow network connection


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I was hoping I can get some advice. I have a wireless network setup and recently it's been running very slow. I had the infamous facebook virus a few weeks ago and that's when I noticed the change.

I have a Dell Insprion E1705 running Vista and my wireless router is a Linksys Wireless-G WRT54G. I was eventually able to get my computer back from the virus, but it's been running slow. For example, downloading a 15 minute podcast from itunes takes about 15 minutes where previouslly it took only a couple of minutes.

I keep running all sorts of scans (Spybot, CCleaner, McAfee, Windows Defender) but the problem persists. I even ran Hijack this and analyzed the log but it is still slow.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Make sure you have the user manual for your Wireless Router. Most of the major vendors offer free 24/7 support for their router products.

Write down their support phone number in case you need it.

I would ensure the system is clean of any Malware or Virus. Then reset the router back to factory defaults (most have a very small hole in the back of the router that when depressed for a few seconds will set it back to the factory defaults). Then go back into the router and setup the SSID wireless settings again and make sure you assign the router a password so that no one can get on it but you for Administrative work.

You can also try resetting your local network card TCP/IP stack back to defaults.

Microsoft KB article to reset TCP/IP

One of the components of the Internet connection on your computer is a built-in set of instructions called TCP/IP. TCP/IP can sometimes become corrupted. If you cannot connect to the Internet and you have tried all other methods to resolve the problem, TCP/IP might be causing it.

Because TCP/IP is a core component of Windows, you cannot remove it. However, you can reset TCP/IP to its original state by using the NetShell utility (netsh)

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