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Malwarebytes as main Anti-Virus?


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No you still need an antivirus program. Malwarebytes is not an antivirus program, it is designed to be a second layer of defense. Your antivirus program should be the one catching the infections first, and if it fails to catch it, then Malwarebytes is there to help and with Malwarebytes Web Blocker feature in the PRO version helps with blocking know malware sites.

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i use avg internet security 2011/12 and eset smart security 5 (different machines of course) ... both "paid for" . these work ok for me .

malwarebytes is used in conjunction with these .

the microsoft security essentials (i think a little word shifting would be better , then it would be MESS) has been working ok for some friends . it is simple ; no fancy bells and whistles and very transparent . transparency is important for those individuals that are "end user button pushers" .

in combination with malwarebytes (i strongly suggest the paid for flavor) it is hard to beat for a cost effective (aka : cheap) solution .

a shortcoming of many free versions of "anti-" programs is that they only update once a day .

when one thinks about the rate of the introduction of mal/scum/foist/crapware and virus it becomes apparent that a machine can be pooched several hours before an update to the definition files is (or would have been) executed .

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