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I'm Infected! Please Help!

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Hi, About 5 days ago I got the usual spyware/malware type attack. "Security Alerts" came up and went crazy. When this happened in the past I just went into safe mode and would run malwarebytes. In the past it always solved the problem with ease. In this case it found a number of threats and got rid of them. The usual "Security Alerts" were gone and things seemed fine. Not long after though I noticed my computer running much slower than normal (im a gamer and my games were really suffering from performance lag). I also would get redirected in google when I clicked on a search result. Not all the time but frequently. Then the last two days I have odd sound samples playing in the background of my computer and cannot figure out what it is. Definitely no program of mine. Its like gunshots and lasers just looping and I have to keep the computer muted all the time.

So those are my issues. I've run FULL scans with malwarebytes and AVG multiple times. MalwareBytes has found nothing since the initial scan and AVG found 3 or so threats and got rid of them the first time. Both programs have been updated to the latest version. Also, I have many odd processes running like: PING.EXE (which is the primary reason for the performance drop), iexplore.exe and a host of others that don't seem right and use up a good amount of CPU and Memory. They are all listed as "SYSTEM" processes.

Anyways, I can't seem to figure this out and none of my anti-virus will solve the problem. PLEASE HELP!


P.S. I've never posted on here before so I'm going to post my DDS logs in attachments. Let me know if that's not the right way.

Just another note: One of the other performance hungry processes running is a svchost.exe that is also listed under the "SYSTEM" category. There are a couple other svchost.exe running but they are always a consistent 10k-20k memory usage and listed under "LOCAL". I've done some research on this forum related to svchost.exe and it seems like it might be another virus related process.



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