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Automatic Upgrades

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I am still having trouble with automatic program upgrades. The last two versions updated OK but from 1.32 to 1.33 failed once again with the services not loading.

I find the only way to install is to uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and make sure the registry is cleaned of all traces of Malwarebytes. Reboot, download the latest version and reinstall.

It is about time that these problems are sorted out.

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Well I would venture to say that there is probably something on your system that is affecting the program. There are millions of downloads and installations of the program and only about maybe a couple dozen people that have posted having issues with either installation or updates. If there was something seriously wrong with the installer then I'm sure the board would be plagued by such posts and its not.

If you like we can try to work with you and see if we can find an underlying cause, and or fix for your system.

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Thanks but as it is working OK now there is not much to work out. If I have the same problem with the next update I will be back!

For the record I am on XP Pro and run Esset NOD 32 AV and Online Armor Firewall. I have tried running Malwarebytes on my back-up pc and have had the same problem.

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No problem, let us know. It could be a specific piece of software that you run on both systems that MBAM doesn't get along with maybe.

I am suspecting it may be the Online Armor Firewall which prevents the update running on reboot. Looking at their Forum there are some similar problems with other software such as Acronis. The solution indicated is to put the firewall into learning mode before rebooting so that it does not block anything.

I will let you know if this works next time there is an update.

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I believe it might just be Nod32 as I am experiencing a similar problem with the last two version updates. Downloads ans installs just fine but I get the BSOD just prior to the desktop showing on reboot. Had to hard reboot, uninstall/reinstall to get back to normal. Would like to see an option which asks/deny install.

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