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I've been asked to clean a laptop of an infection. Symptoms are redirection when browsing principally, and AVG Free completely disabled.

Normally this is reasonably straightforward, but this one is a bit tricky. Steps I've taken so far are:

1. Installed Malwarebytes, and updated, all successfully.

2. Run a quick scan. This runs for about 5 seconds, and then MB is shut down. You cannot restart it, as you get an error saying Windows cannot access the device path or file. You need to reinstall.

3. Tried no 2 in safe mode. Same result.

4. Downloaded Spybot Search & Destroy. This installed, updated, and ran fine, but found nothing.

5. Started the PC using a Dr Web live cd, and running a scan. This found 41 files infected with trojan.starter.1695, and cleaned them. On restarting back in Windows Vista, I still cannot run Malwarebytes or any security software.

6. Followed the procedures in the Malwarebytes FAQ with the exception of unhide.exe, and exeHelper, as I don't think they are relevant to this infection.

7. Ran DDS, and attach the logs as requested.

I've been using a usb stick to transfer files, rather than the web, as it is extremely difficult to do anything as you keep getting redirected. I use a Linux box myself, so the stick has not been in contact with another Windows machine (probably getting a bit paranoid now, but..).

Thanks in anticipation of some help.



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