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trouble cleening infected computer

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I run a house call PC repair business. (In Your Head Studio is the name.) I got a computer here that has a really nasty bug on it.


At first ran really slow and wouldn't let any file or program open. After disconnecting from the internet, files and now be opened; but any installed removal program is unable to run. When connected to the internet it just keeps showing a pop up of "google is hiring". Well installing a removal program (with the PC disconnected from the internet), will run and start a scan but when ever any of them try to scan the active memory or the windows folder the scanner is closed by the bug. Then the programs will not open afterword.

Done so far:

1. installed superantispyware, scanned, scanner closes after 200 files scanned, will no longer open with a unable to access the location error.

2. installed malewarebytes, scanned, closes when scanning registry, will no longer open with a unable to access the location error.

3. installed avgfree, scanned, closes after 30 seconds, avg closes from tray and will not open with no error ever shown.

4. ran superantispyware portable scanner, closes when scanning active memory, will reopen but closes after starting a scan.

5. ran hijackthis, scanned, scanner closes after start, will not reopen with a unable to acces the location error.

So hopefully you have any ideas to help me remove this bug. I's a self taught repairman so any info from you experts is welcome

I have also attached the files requested by the "what to do" pinned topic.

Post removed by Moderator. Please do not offer advice in this forum without having contacted admin who would want to verify your credentials. Those members here who are authorized to render instructions for users have been properly trained and have a proven track record. Thanks for your understanding.

Well due to time restraints, I must end this thread. To bad I didn't hear back from any of the experts here; but this forum is rather active. I know it can be hard to get to all the threads. When another computer comes my way with a bug I can't fix, I shall try here again.



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  • Staff

After consulting my colleagues, here is the current policy:

Using MBAM in tech shops to remove malware (even if you remove it afterward) is a violation of MBAM's EULA.

If you were to sign up as a reseller (click the second radio button here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/partners/become_a_partner ), then if you sold the customer a license for MBAM, you could use it to clean their computer.

I'm sure additional options are being worked on, but at this point, that is the current policy.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions.

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It would seem I didn't read the EULA carefully enough. To comply with EULA, the use of MBAM has been terminated and banned from employe use. All files have been deleted.

I am shamed that such a mistake has happened in my shop. In Your Head Studio apologize for the miss use of the program.

We would like to become a reseller, but at the moment we do not get the number of customers needed to make it possible.

I would also like to apologize to the readers for turning a malware removal thread into a legal discussion.

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  • Staff


No problem at all. In my opinion it is far more important to make everything right than to not talk about it. Hopefully this will also serve as a reference to others in similar situations. Perhaps you could become an affiliate if you do not meet the requirements to be a reseller; that is the first option in the link above.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions, and we certainly appreciate your prompt compliance.



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Sorry for the late reply, I have had a lot of work to do. That bug that I have talked about on the first post has found its way onto a lot of computers in the area. So far the only way to get around its exe blocks, is to remove the HDD and use another computer to scan it. Turns out it was

I will look into becoming a affiliate, for I like the Malwarebytes program. Also I will be visiting this forum frequently, since I'm finding all sorts of useful information here.

I don't need any help at the moment towards anything, so this thread could be considered completed if you wish.

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