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Can't start laptop! Please help


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Hi guys, I've suddenly had a problem crop up with my laptop. It's a fairly old Toshiba laptop which is running on Windows XP. Apparently there is a .dll file that is missing which is causing the problem, but when I start it up a boot menu comes up: Boot Menu. I would like to fix this problem pretty swiftly please so any help will be greatly appreciated thanks!

1. +HDD


3. FDD

4. LAN

<Enter Setup>

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it sounds like the bios has been "told" to let the user determine which device to boot the comp from .

if so , try this :

reboot the comp and enter the bios set up (you will be given the option to do this)

there will be a portion in the bios that allows you to select which device (or connection) to actually read the boot information from .

select/set the HDD as the first device to "look at" .

select set the cd/dvd as the second device .

you can ignore the rest .

save the settings and exit .

the comp should now boot from the hard drive .

you did not mention the model number of your laptop ...

more specific instructions on the steps to take can be found with a google search .

or post back here with the information , or have a friend that is hip with comps help you out in person .

doing the wrong thing in the bios can result in some unwanted results .

the question i would ask is "why this happened" .

it could/might be due to a number of causes but you mentioned that the laptop is "fairly old" ; the bios back up power (a lithium coin cell) may be on the verge of needing to be replaced .

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It looks like it's about to start up when I choose the first option. It starts off with the black screen with the underscore blinking in the top left corner but then nothing happens it just stays on the black screen. I don't get any other error messages besides the boot menu.

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op : "... fairly old toshiba laptop ..." .

just an fyi here ... if you try to run (say) an ubuntu live cd , there is a good possibility that it will not work .

for several reasons toshiba laptops and ubuntu do not like to play together .

in some cases , a good working machine has been bricked when tying to load ubuntu .

(prior research/attempts on my part bear this out)

a "diagnostic" cd would be be the best bet for finding out if the machine is basically ok and the hd is toast .

if the hd is bad or the OS has been damaged you will need the disks that (possibly) came with the machine ...

or you will have to download/request them from toshiba .

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I've found 2 disks that came with it: a product recovery DVD-ROM, and a tools and utilities CD-ROM. I've tried the tolls and utilities CD but nothing happened, I don't really want to use the product recovery DVD until I've tried everything possible to fix the problem. is there a way to run diagnostics without a disk? Would the disk have come with the laptop?

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