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blocked "possibly" bad website

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first, let me say that i love malwarebytes :wub: , it is probably the best money i have ever spent for my computer....

but, is it possible to tell if a website is really a threat when i get the message about malwarebytes blockking a "potentially" bad website????

for example...........i was trying to download a movie, i do assume that it is bootlegged, so i know i am adking for touble right there,,,,, one of the sites was a torrent download site,,,,,the others were not...

they were all blocked as a "possible" bad....

is there any way to know if they really are infected.........here is a link to the main page , malwarebytes has no problem with this, but if i try to download and install the emule program, it gets blocked


i also run ca security sofware and it also blocks some of these sites..... i can't tell if it is blocking them because they are indeed bad, or just that they are trying to write to or download to places that the security software doesn't want it to..

up to this point, i have played it safe and allowed malwarebyes and ca do what i pay them to do.........i bought malwarebytes after being infected in the past, so i have "sort of" learned my lesson......but i REALLY want ot watch Cold Turkey :P

thoughts and adive welcome


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You can rent movies either as DVD or in an electronical (online) format from trusted sources legally for about 3$.

Apart from the fact that pirated versions are illegal, it's just not worth it to get an infection or to even completely trash your pc if you can avoid it for just 3$. My opinion :)

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