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Code 721 error on Full Scan

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Error 721: An unknown error occurred during filesystem enumeration.

This probably means that there's an error in your filesystem, or that something is trying to prevent Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from accessing the filesystem.

Do you know how to burn a CD out of an ISO image?

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Yes ;)

Download this copy of BartPE (112MB), unZIP it, burn a CD out of the ISO image, start your computer off of the CD, when it asks about network support tell it 'No', click on the 'GO' button in the lower left corner, go to 'System', go to 'Storage', click "Check Disk", and answer the questions it asks. A full sector scan shouldn't be needed, but you can try it if a regular error check doesn't work.

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Installed and ran, MB still can not complete a full scan of my XP partition. Ran sfc /scannow on XP and there is an error in cache.dll that I can't get resolved.

I'm resigned to only using Quick Scan. No worries, I rarely boot into XP and rarer still is surfing online from there.

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Hello, and thank you for your replies.

Prior to yesterday, it didn;t mayyer from which partition I tried, if it was a full scan, MB would terminate while checking the XP files. Tried to scandsk and scannow, the fprmer showed no errors, the latter came back with an for cache dll.

The first time I tried to run a full scan foem XP on XP after the above, it completed successfully ;)

Not sure why but I am pleased.

Thank you again.

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