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Scheduled Scans

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I've checked the existing posts and have been surprised to find that no-one else has raised this issue, so that means that it's either glaringly obvious and I've missed it or no-one else thinks it's necessary.

I've got a few high capacity hard drives on my system and they can't all be scanned in one night. Is it possible to schedule scans on specific drives for specific nights, i.e. give each drive its own schedule?


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Greetings :)

Unfortunately there is no way to do this because at this time we have no "Custom Scan" option and the closest thing would be the Full Scan. That being said, there would be a way around the issue, it just requires a bit of work each day when you plan to have each drive scanned:

  1. Before your scheduled scan runs, open Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and choose the Perform full scan option
  2. Click Scan
  3. In the Select the drive(s) to scan dialog, click the checkbox next to the drive you want to be scanned and click on Scan
  4. Immediately click on Abort Scan and click Yes to the confirmation dialog box
  5. Exit Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Once that has been done, the drive you selected in step 3 will be the drive that is scanned during your next scheduled Full Scan. Do this each day, choosing a different drive each time you do it so that each night a different drive will be scanned.

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I have just found this after posting a similar question today.

Here we are nearly a year on and still no flexible scan facility, though at least now I have a temp solution.

In nearly all other schedulers for backup/archive/antivirus etc. (e.g. Kaspersky, Acronis) all these apps provoide this facility.

It seems to me to be an absolute basic requirement for apps that take hours to complete.

I have five drives and need to be able to do this.

Come on people - how hard can it be?

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