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Offering MBAM free version on a complimentary CD

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I apologize in advance if I have posted this in an inappropriate area.

We are a successful computer repair business in Owensboro, Kentucky. We have promoted the use of Malwarebytes with our Clients for over a year now and for the most part are pleased with the outcome.

I am interested in offering the free version of Malwarebytes to our Clients on a disk. Assuming that I was not able to convert them to the full version of Malwarebytes, would it be frowned upon if I were to hand them a complimentary CD with the free version of MBAM on it?

Just curious. Not interested in breaking any rules.

Thanks in advance,


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  • Root Admin

Hello Dave,

No as long as it's not part of another installer and is simply the original installer copied to the CD then there would be no issue handing it to your customer.

The only potential issue is you installing the free version yourself without proper licensing to clean the computer.

If you have any questions you send me a PM or also contact Sales.


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I would suggest becoming a reseller and SELL MBAM to all of your customers as part of you service and make $$$. That way it is set up correctly and the exclusions and updates are set up correctly.

I agree with you wholeheartedly! And we do try to convert our Clients to the full version.

Let me share with you what our thinking is behind this, and maybe it might allow you to offer some advice that we have not thought of.

We have enjoyed a rather successful growth in our business since we have started back in 2007. Recently, it was discovered that one of our local competitors adapted our advertising strategy. Probably because (and I take no pleasure in this) we have taken so much business from not only him, but effectively put three other businesses out.

At one point, we were the only repair shop in town offering Free Estimates, Free Consultation, Rates as Low as $35 and a 100% guarantee. That is our advertising strategy. Well, this competitor of ours has mimicked that verbatim, even using the same font. Which is fine, we just need to come up with something a little different before the phone book ad comes out this year. We're going to redefine our strategy.

So what I was thinking is that we could get people thorough the door by offering free Anti-Virus in our advertising. (Yes MBAM is not Anti-Virus , but it greatly complements the whole package). People come in because of the free Anti-Virus, and hopefully once there we can convert them to bringing in their computers and or purchasing the full version of MBAM.

Let's say that this conversion doesn't take place. They take a disk of the free version for MBAM home, install it, and discover that they are infected to the gills. Then they call me and ask what to do. Again, another opportunity to gain a customer. In a worst case scenario they end up fixing their issue with the free version of MBAM. But they've still come through my door and know I am there when they do need me.

What do you think?

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