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MBAM web site Portuguese translation

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I noticed that Malwarebytes.org is provided in more languages. I'm Portuguese and took a look at the Portuguese version. Don't take this wrong, but if I didn't know better, I'd run away from Malwarebytes Antimalware, because I couldn't tell if it was some rogue application or what.

It's a very poor translation with gramatical errors. Not to mention that it employs a few foreign words, without any need.

I got no idea who translated it, if MBAM hired someone. (Money poorly spent.) or someone else translated it, but it's a very poor translation. As I said, if I didn't know better, I'd run away from it.

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Hi -

Just to add to Moogles comment - Please follow that first -

These topics are usually discussed in the forum area linked below.

From there you can apply to management to translate the program from the original version, or ask for changes that you see as not suitable.

The original translation text is also included in this area of the forum for you to read.

Translator Lounge

And here is a link to the Portuguese translation http://forums.malwar...showtopic=85587

Thank You -

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Hi again CKYTEP -

I did say to follow the post from Moogles first -

Note - >> Just to add to Moogles comment - Please follow that first - <<

The links were so you could see where the translation was, rather than for you directly post there ;)

Sorry if the post was misunderstood -

Regards - :)

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Heck! There's been more than a month. To my surprise, pt.malwarebytes.org still looks like it's trying to offer a rogue security solution. Awful translation. I mean, really a lousy translation.

I did send the e-mail as requested, and I was told you were working on it. Well, where's the work? Seriously, and don't take this as bad criticism, but as I previously mentioned, if this was the first time I encountered MBAM, when going to the website, I'd run the heck away from it. The full pt.malwarebytes.org sounds rogue.

To be honest, some rogue websites have a better grammar. No one's forcing you to provide your official website in more languages, but if that's something that you do want, then make sure it's a professional job.

Also, the last time the current Portuguese translator provided an up-to-date MBAM translation file was back in May. Since 2009 that a new orthographic agreement between Portuguese speaking countries is in place; MBAM doesn't reflect that change. MBAM strings wouldn't take that long to revise. It's actually something that I've done. I actually offered to provide it and it was refused.

Anyway, I just thought of sharing my point of view - a novice will be scared with pt.malwarebytes.org, believing it could be a rogue security software website.


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