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Malware finding hundreds of outgoing treats a day. any ideas?

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Hi all im new to the site, a friend said i should try malware, so i decided to give it a go, ive installed it and ran some tests and it came back with no issues, but i now get a pop up probably every 30 seconds saying that it has detected an outgoing treat, its popped up 3 times just while ive been writing this, has anyone got any ideas why this would happen it is says it cant find any treats in a search.

the treat is always outgoing and from explorer.exe

any help would be greatly recieved.

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Guest spc3rd

Hello DeanRobinson and :welcome:

Which antivirus software are you using? Are you using the FREE version of Malwarebytes or Malwarebytes Pro? When you installed Malwarebytes, did you place the necessary exclusions in your antivirus for Malwarebytes, and exclusions in Malwarebytes for your antivirus software so they don't conflict with each other?

Also, are you using any kind of peer-to-peer (P2P) software on your computer, such as, Skype or utorrent?

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Hello and welcome to MBAM, Dean Robinson:

In addition to what spc3rd provided....

IP blocking can occur as a result of certain legitimate programs such as Skype, and it can happen when MBAM is doing its job by preventing bad content from websites from infecting your computer.

But it can also be the result of infection on your system, especially if the IP blocks are "outgoing" and if they occur when no browsers are open.

Please have a look at the FAQ - Section G for information about the IP blocking module. There are instructions about how to configure MBAM not to alert on a particular IP, if you choose to do so.

If, after reading the FAQ-Section G, you think these IP blocks are false positives, then please read this sticky and then please start a new thread here.


On the other hand, if you think your system might be infected -- based on the IP blocks or other suspicious computer behavior (pop-ups, browser redirects, slowdowns or crashes) -- then please do the following, as we do not work on malware removal in this part of the forum.

1. First, please go to THIS PAGE, print out, read and carefully follow as many instructions as you can, skipping any you are unable to complete.

2. Then, please describe your computer's symptoms as best you can and post the requested MBAM and DDS logs by starting a new thread at the Malware Removal-HJT forum . Please post the results of the requested scans directly into your post, using copy/paste, rather than attaching them.

One of the authorized, trained experts will then assist you as soon as possible for free, one-on-one malware detection and removal.

When you post, please be sure to select Track This Topic & choose one of the email options, so that you will be notified when someone responds.

Please be patient and allow at least 48 hours before bumping your thread -- otherwise it may appear to the experts that you are already being helped

(The "0" reply count is the easiest way for the experts to spot your thread as still needing help.)

Other Support Options:

--- Alternatively, if you are a paying customer using MBAM PRO, you may wish instead to start a free support ticket by contacting support at: support@malwarebytes.org; or

--- Premium, fee-based support options are available here.

Thanks, daledoc1

PS: Please use the zMn2t.jpg button instead of other ones when you reply here and at the other forums, so that it will be easier to read. :)

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