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noscript issue


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im not sure if anyone here could help me with this but i figured it couldnt hurt to ask the issue is with facebook

ill be on the homepage the news feed and ill go to leave the website via a bookmark and noscript will pop up ( like it does when there is a script it hasnt seen before that isnt blocked or allowed) but vanish before i can see what it is and there isnt anything in hte noscript listings at all about a script there like nothing in the recently blocked section so im just slightly confused on this issue

any help would be greatly apreciated

i also apologize if this is the wrong forums

and i thought id also mention im using firefox 3.6.23 and that iv had this issue for ages not really an issue more of an annoyance and on top of that its been there during multiple incarnations of my OS(aka iv formated this computer quite a few times and iv seen the issue. computer wasnt formatted though because of this issue but others)

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shy for some reason if you made a response i dont see it all i see is you quoting what i wrote

Can you see me now?? If not, HIT RELOAD on FF or I'll send it in a PM.

Click on "Show blocked script"

1) Because of security issues you need to be running FF 3.6.23 (or FF 7.01 Release)

2) Look at graphic below to see how to make blocked scripts stay visible.





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its showing now and im not seeing firefox updates at all for firefox at all when i check

it seems 3.6.23 is the latest

and id love to run 7.01 but some of my addons dont work the ygotta beupdated and on top of that it doesnt let me save multiple tabs on close and i love that feature and i hate how its no longer in place

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ok so i got hte update working im now at 7.0.1 and i have the addon bar ath the bottom shown but for some reason no script isnt there like it is on 3.6 i cant see the recently blocked addons i cant see anything its blank but noscript does pop up on sites that have scripts blocked but its still annoying since i cant access noscript now

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yeah it turns out i have to right click on the addon bar and click on customize and the ndrag what i want there pain but ill get used to it

i did noticed a huge improvement on load times loading same ammount of tabs as before

( figured out how to get the prompt for save on quit)

but iv noticed that its using more memory firefox 3.6 would use about 90,000k when i first loaded it and when i went on certain sites it would go up to about 150,000 or so

7 startss off at about 130,000k

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