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False positive forums.radioreference.com


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Hello, is a cloudflare address. I'm seeing my website (which uses cloudflare) blocked from this too.


Cloudflare probably aggregates requests to different sites using a single ip. If this is the case MBAM is potentially blocking a lot of legit traffic to sites that use Cloudflare.

I'd suggest malwarebytes do something to resolve this, as cloudflare is only getting more popular, and probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe whitelist the cloudflare IPs?

They're listed here:



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This isn't an F/P. CloudFlare we given plenty of chances to suspend criminals use of their service, and refused on the grounds it would only take the criminals seconds to change the NS.

Until CloudFlare change their position, the risk to users is too great to unblock these, as there's known criminals operating RATS and the likes (with the stolen logs and malware, going to and coming from, the criminals site through these IPs).

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IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)

IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)

Both are the forums for radioreference.com " http://forums.radioreference.com "

I hate turning off website blocking but I can't get there.

Been there for years and never had a problem.

I started having the same problem last night, I can go anywhere in the RR site, except the forum, when I try, Malwarebytes stops the redirect to RR. As you said I don't want to be allowing anything that I shouldn't. I remember before the stopping by Malwarebytes that there was times when I clicked on on the RR site internet explorer could not display the page but there was a redirected for RR and when I clicked on it it took me to the forum, and probably open it up to somebody else also. I don't know what to do, guess I will miss RR but I don't want to open my computer to who knows who and what.

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