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Very quickly getting to 30000 objects scanned.

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Hey people, I've got a new laptop here which I'm pretty much certain is fine. Thus far I've done very little that could put it at risk, pretty much all I've done is update Windows 7 and put openoffice, malwarebytes and MSE on it, all through CNET, it's also running great so I have little reason to believe there's a problem. Regardless I found it a bit odd that it gets to filesystem objects so quickly, it does memory objects very quickly, gets to autorun objects and at around 600 it pretty much instantly goes to 30000. This is a faster computer than I'm used to (4 cores at 1.66 GHz) so it may just be that, I'm interested to know what this is about, I did a full scan with MSE which found nothing. Perhaps it's simply as there's nothing to scan?

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Greetings :)

Yes, there's generally a very quick jump in the number of objects scanned, that comes from the scanning of Autorun objects (startups) as well as many areas of the registry (it happens almost instantly, that's why it jumps so quickly), then it goes to the filesystem objects, which generally does take longer (though if you've scanned already before rebooting your system, later scans will be much quicker due to disk caching).

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Ah excellent :D, thank you for putting me at ease. Jolly good work you mbam chaps do, fortunately as I understand it the large amount of RAM in this system means I can run intensive scans with no effect on performance and so that MSE took 2 hours to do a full scan wasn't a bother, but it's nice to have something that tells you if anything is up so quickly. I'm afraid I don't know whether you people mark threads as solved here but if you do please mark this one as so.

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You're most welcome, I'm glad to be of service :).

We're always working very hard to make our scanner as fast and efficient as possible while still improving our rate of threat detection and I believe that our team of researchers and developers are doing an excellent job of it.

We don't mark threads as solved, but I can close the topic if you wish, just let me know, otherwise I'll leave it open in case anything else comes up.

Thanks :)

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