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random system shutdowns


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Over the past few months (3-4) Ive been getting random shutdowns of my system. Win7 64bit, q8400 chip, gigabyte mobo (ep45 model), 4gb ram and a geforce 560ti (old was 7950gt).

At first I thought it was the new video card (560ti) and a new powersupply (corsair 750w) but putting the old psu back in, the system ran great until today (6 weeks or so), where it just shut down. Normally it would shut down and then try to reboot, sometimes taking several attempts to get past POST and into win7.

Today I put on a new fan/heatsink with fresh paste (used a fan from a new celeron box of same type as q8400) as I thought that might be part of the problem. The cpu would run rather hot in games (pushing 70-75C under load). The system lasted 10 minutes before crashing again, same problem. So I put the old video card back in and the system has been stable for 20mins or so.

Long story short, every error in windows logs has shown a kernal power error (power loss) and a "winnit" event ID 11 error that says: "Custom dynamic link libraries are being loaded for every application. The system administrator should review the list of libraries to ensure they are related to trusted applications." The event data sting lists "avgrssta.dll" as well.

Any advice? I suppose I should get rid of avg anyway, since its the old version and I've been wary of the new versions and try MSE.


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First I would make sure that all your device drivers are up to date. Second check to make sure you have a current bios version. 70-75 under load shouldn't be enough to shut the computer down and the fresh paste should have helped unless you applied it wrong. Next I would recommend testing your ram to make sure it is good. In most cases if you have more than one dimm you can pull one and see how it runs. If the problem persists pull another one or swap the one you pulled with the remaining dimm(s).

Other than that, you could have a corrupted hard drive, but your symptoms don't point to that IMO.

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an old version of AVG ? why and how old is old ?

you might want to try using something that was mentioned in another thread :


also ... you did not mention the specific model and serial number of your MB or it's age . some fast recon of "EP-45 Problems" indicated some issues with that series of MBs , you might want to pursue this avenue with your particular board . i had a gigabyte MB a couple of years ago that did sort of the same thing you are experiencing ... i had to flash the bios because of some issues in the ram settings , and it was not cheap ram either .

while ram has been known to go bad and magically fix itself , it usually gets to the point where it stays bad .

power supplies (even fairly new units) have been known to go bad ... a good way to test them (lacking the right test gear) is to drop the questionable supply into a known good system and load it down .

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Thanks for the replies, tts AVG9. I've avoided the new versions given bad press they've gotten. Mobo is EP45-UD3P. 5/20/09 Bios.

After some testing I'm leaning towards my asus 560Ti video card being the culprit. The system has been stable again for almost a day now with the old 520w PSU and old geforce 7950gt vid card. CPU is running fairly cool compared to the past even with a fanless vid card (7950gt) compared to the dual fan 560. The problem started in late spring when I put in the new vid card and the 750w PSU, (dont think its either corsair psu now).

I have a PSU tester so I could test them though. Thanks for the link to nirsoft program and I guess I'll slowly test one thing at a time. Just don't have the time right now to get in depth. Bad enough it wasted 2 hours yesterday.

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about the only bad press i would give to AVG 2011/12 is the inclusion of things like "pc checker/cleanup" and such .

elsewise , it works ok ... at least i have not had any issues with it directly or indirectly (via others that i know personally that have it installed) .

does avg9 still work (updates) ?

if you have a paid up full subscription i would suggest upgrading to the latest flavor .

only time will tell if you have nailed the problem of the video card .

intermittent problems are just that and as such often do take time to track down .

that is just the nature of it .

if you have made progress it is not a "waste" . ;)

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