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Reseller Problem.

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I'm a reseller. I usually buy 100 licenses at a time.

The link I was emailed originally for placing order is now a dead link.

When I log in through the reseller log, the most it will let me buy at one time is 50.

What do I need to do to place my order for 100 licenses (which I need to do RIGHT NOW).

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This is retarded, why is there no phone number for resellers like me to use for issues like this.

I've sold hundreds and hundreds of licenses directly and made additional hundreds of recommendations that have mostly converted (I see them licensed next time they bring them into my shop) and now I can't even buy a batch of licenses and there's no way to get any help.

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Has their been a policy change for resellers? I too only see the 1 year corporate licenses when I try to purchase under my reseller account. I generally purchase 10 or 20 at a time for my home customers. It's the most recommended product I offer and install it on all computers I repair from Trojan issues.

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I could not find a link anywhere on the order page (in the grey or white area) to change to home user rate. However, I did find a previous order listing. It looks like the price has gone up as well. My last order for twenty was $234. Now it's $375. That's a big increase for us resellers.

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