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Replacing harddrive, driver questions


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Hey all,

Slightly over a year ago the hard drive for my 2005 Gateway 8510GZ laptop failed. For further specs, here's the laptop's Gateway support info. In case that doesn't show, the laptop serial number is T225701007262.

I decided recently to resurrect it so I could use it for fairly minimal computer stuff (plus I'll be house-sitting for a few weeks and could really use a laptop then). I picked up a Western Digital 500GB internal laptop drive on sale and will soon install it.

So here's my very "n00b" question... I've never done a clean install or, for that matter, replaced a main hard drive before. I was planning on installing Ubuntu to use as my OS, which I can do just fine. But what do I do about drivers? I figure I'll need to re-install all the hardware drivers for the laptop, which I'll have to do via downloads from Gateway Support, but I'm not sure how best to do that or even how to do it considering that beyond using Ubuntu from a disc for data rescue, I've barely used it. So...help?


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yep ... ubuntu should have or will "go out and get" the drivers it needs to make the devices in your laptop work .

hopefully there will be no glitches when installing ubuntu ...

for various reasons , laptops and ubuntu do not get along near as well as ubuntu and "boxes" .

/me looks at three toshiba and one acer laptop that i cannot load ubuntu on .

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Natty installed just fine! Just working out some issues with using Microsoft OneNote 2007, which I think I have the front of.

Though I do have a problem right now...Things have been working perfectly for a day or so, but when I started it up today the laptop-mouse wouldn't register. Luckily I have a wireless mouse that seems to be working fine, but I don't yet know Natty well enough to diagnose/fix the original problem. (No, I haven't restarted it yet, but I thought it would be handy to know if there was a solution I could employ sans restart should the problem recur.)

So far I'm loving it, though! =)

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how are you running "one note" ?

stuff working and then not working ...

yep , that is the sort of problem(s) i experienced with one laptop .

everything was working ok and then i did an "upgrade/update" ... the laptop choked on restart .

wiping the drive and doing a clean install produced the same result .

on my ubuntu box in the living room i did an update about a week ago and the wireless mouse/keyboard stopped working plus i lost a few of the system tray icons (drop downs for log off , restart , wireless manager , hp , etc) .

time to throw another drive in the box and try a reload .

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I'm running OneNote (and the rest of Office 2007) through PlayOnLinux. POL helps them install and configures it so they run through Wine for compatibility. The programs work fine as far as I can tell (though I haven't used them extensively yet), I'm just sorting out shortcuts and how every time I exit they tell me an error occurred and they have to shut down, but those aren't end-of-the-world annoyances. I mostly just wanted OneNote because I use it for my novels and art materials.

And hmm. That certainly doesn't fill one with confidence. =/ I guess I'll keep an eye on it as best I can. Is there another OS you would recommend for a laptop? I had been thinking of putting my desktop's copy of Windows 7 on it, but then I realized the desktop runs 64-bit version and my laptop would need 32-bit. (Plus it came pre-installed, so I think I'd have to make a slipstream cd for it, as I don't believe I have one...)

Oi. Such complications.

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