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Check for Program update first,then definition updates


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Check for Program update first,then definition updates

I've been waiting for this to get fixed in every new release, but it never does. So I thought I would make a thread about. Maybe nobody notices.

The way Malwarebytes checks for updates upon startup seems a little backwards to me. Let me Explain.

If there is a new version of Malwarebytes ....

1st it downloads the new definitions file x number of Megs.

2nd Then it downloads the new version of Malwarebytes

Then it installs the new version

3)When opening up Malwarebytes after the install it downloads the a new definition file all over again because the new version replaced the one it just installed.

I think that needs to be flipped around. When opening Malwarebytes it should first check for a new version THEN check for a new definition file. I just get annoyed when it downloads a 7 meg file only to download that same file all over again once the program update is complete.

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I signed up here just to post this suggestion, and I see someone already beat me to it. Honestly, the way MBAM implements its update functionality is just so back-a$$wards that it puzzles me no end just how someone in the dev team came up with it! Every other app does it the sane way. At the very least, the update file can be kept aside and once the installer finishes, it can be run instead of being downloaded all over again. Of course, the best solution would simply be a standard implementation (as mentioned above) of check version first, update program if necessary, then update the database last (and only once).

Please implement this in the next version if possible. Not everyone enjoys high-speed unlimited FIOS connections! :)

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